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A range of small sized fine art prints for collectors supplied double mounted or double mounted and framed. With images taken mostly from the Cameo Oil Paintings collection these mini-prints are small limited editions of just 25, they are individually signed and numbered by the artist and are supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity  All can be purchased online and are supplied with our full satisfaction, money back guarantee.

Mustangs Over the Rhine by Stephen Brown


Mustangs Over the Rhine

P-51 Mustangs of the 4th FG, summer 1944.

Price from: 23.95


Greenheart Sunrise by Stephen Brown


Greenheart Sunrise

FW190 of JG54, France 1944.

Price from: 23.95


Eastern Front Eagles by Stephen Brown


Eastern Front Eagles

FW190 D-9s of JG 6 at Welzow, early 1945.

Price from: 23.95


Lightning Tribute by Stephen Brown


Lightning Tribute

Lightning F. Mk 1As of 56 Squadron.

Price from: 23.95


Lest We Forget by Stephen Brown


Lest We Forget

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight over Beachy Head.

Price from: 23.95


Inbound by Stephen Brown



Lancasters returning over the English Channel.

Price from: 23.95


Defiance Against the Odds by Stephen Brown


Defiance Against the Odds

FW190 A-8 of Josef Priller, June 1944.

Price from: 23.95


Blenheim IV - Winter Ops by Stephen Brown


Blenheim IV - Winter Ops

Bristol Blenheim of 254 Squadron.

Price from: 23.95


Blenheim I - Winter Respite by Stephen Brown


Blenheim I - Winter Respite

Bristol Blenheim I grounded in heavy snow.

Price from: 23.95


1940 - Summer of Legends by Stephen Brown


1940 - Summer of Legends

Hurricanes of 257 Squadron.

Price from: 23.95


Atlantic Flyer by Stephen Brown


Atlantic Flyer

British Airways Concorde over the Atlantic Ocean.

Price from: 21.95


Fast Through the Fjord by Stephen Brown


Fast Through the Fjord

Mosquito B. MK IVs low level over Norway, 1943.

Price from: 21.95


Fast Exit by Stephen Brown


Fast Exit

Beaufighter TF Mk Xs over Norway.

Price from: 21.95


Hunters Over the Lakes by Stephen Brown


Hunters Over the Lakes

Hawker Hunter F-6s of 66 Squadron..

Price from: 21.95


Meeting the Dawn by Stephen Brown


Meeting the Dawn

Spitfire MkIX of 222 Squadron, autumn 1943.

Price from: 21.95

Mosquito Mission by Stephen Brown


Mosquito Mission

Mosquito B. Mk. IVs of 139 Squadron.

Price from: 21.95


Night Hunter Ace by Stephen Brown


Night Hunter Ace

Me110G-4 of Major Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer.

Price from: 21.95


Outward Bound by Stephen Brown


Outward Bound

Avro Vulcan XH558.

Price from: SOLD OUT


Spitfire Escort by Stephen Brown


Spitfire Escort

A damaged Lancaster with a pair of Spitfires.

Price from: 21.95


Stallions of the Sky by Stephen Brown


Stallions of the Sky

P-51D Mustangs of the 374th FS, 1944.

Price from: 21.95


Spitfire Sunset by Stephen Brown


Spitfire Sunset

Spitfire in the markings of 92 Squadron.

Price from: 21.95


Stormbird Sunrise by Stephen Brown


Stormbird Sunrise

Me262s of JV44 over Bavaria.

Price from: 21.95


Stragglers Over the Channel by Stephen Brown


Stragglers Over the Channel

Avro Lancasters returning from a raid.

Price from: 21.95


TSR.2 - Beyond the Frontiers by Stephen Brown


TSR.2 - Beyond the Frontiers

BAC TSR.2 prototype XR219, 1965.

Price from: 21.95


Early Morning Patrol by Stephen Brown


Early Morning Patrol

Spitfire Vbs of 303 Squadron.

Price from: 21.95


Home at Dawn by Stephen Brown


Home at Dawn

Lancaster straggler at sunrise, summer of 1943.

Price from: 21.95


Deep Into the Reich by Stephen Brown


Deep Into the Reich

P-51 Mustangs of the Fourth Fighter Group.

Price from: 21.95


A Winters Welcome by Stephen Brown


A Winter’s Welcome

Westland Lysander of 161 Squadron Special Operations Executive.

Price from: 21.95


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