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Listed below is a selection of original oil paintings by Stephen Brown. If you are interested in a particular painting but want time to think about it then you can give us a call and reserve it for up to a week without any obligation. You may also find our Lay Away scheme helpful. Click on the thumbnails for a larger image and more information.

LightningTribute by Stephen Brown - original


Lightning Tribute

Lightning F. Mk 1As of 56 Sqn, The Firebirds, 1963.
Signed by five Lightning pilots.
Price: SOLD


The Hunting Party by Stephen Brown


The Hunting Party

Me262s of JV44, 1945.

Price: SOLD


Concorde - The Final Touchdown by Stephen Brown - TN


Concorde - The Final Touchdown

Last flight of Concorde, November 26th 2003.

Price: Please enquire.


Channel Sweep by Stephen Brown


Channel Sweep

Spitfire Mk Vbs of 609 Squadron.

Price: 995 SOLD


Winter's Glow by Stephen Brown


Winter’s Glow

Lancasters of 97 Squadron at dispersal.

Price: 1595 SOLD


The New Kings of the Rhine by Stephen Brown


The New Kings of the Rhine

Hawker Typhoon Mk Ibs of 247 Squadron late in 1944.

Price: 1795 SOLD


Young Guns - Summer of 1940 by Stephen Brown


Young Guns - Summer of 1940

Spitfires of 92 Squadron during the Battle of Britain.

Price: 1795 SOLD


Royal Rescue Team by Stephen Brown


Royal Rescue Team

Sea Kings of Prince William’s ‘C’ Flight, 22 Sqn based at RAF Valley.

Price: 1795 SOLD


1940 - Summer of Legends by Stephen Brown


1940 - Summer of Legends

Hurricanes of 257 Squadron heading back to base during the Battle of Britain, 1940

Price: 1995 SOLD


Dambusters - The Dash for Home by Stephen Brown


Dambusters - The Dash for Home

617 Squadron Lancaster of Bill Townsend.
Signed by a Dambuster and 4 other aircrew from 617 Squadron.
Price: 1495

Master of the Seas by Stephen Brown


Master of the Seas

Short Sunderland of No 422 Squadron, based at Pembroke Dock, sweeping the English Channel.

Price: 1995 SOLD


Rolling Thunder by Stephen Brown


Rolling Thunder

Avro Vulcan XH558 with other aircraft of 27 Squadron at RAF Scampton during the late 1970s.
Signed by an ex-XH558 Vulcan pilot
Price: 1795 SOLD


Quiet Moments by Stephen Brown


Quiet Moments

de Havilland Mosquito B. Mk. IVs of 139 Sqn, flying from RAF Marham in 1943.
Signed by a Mosquito pilot.
Price: 1795 SOLD


The Sun Sets on the Reich by Stephen Brown


The Sun Sets on the Reich

Me262 of Adolf Galland’s JV44 over the Bavarian Alps, April 1945.

Price: 1495 SOLD


Winter Patrol by Stephen Brown


Winter Patrol

Spitfires of 92 Squadron on patrol during the difficult winter of 1941.
Signed by 5 Spitfire pilots.
Price: 2250 SOLD


Channel Patrol by Stephen Brown


Channel Patrol

Spitfire Mk 1as of 19 Squadron over Beachy Head in September 1940.
Signed by 4 Spitfire pilots.
Price: SOLD


Mustangs Over the Reich by Stephen Brown


Mustangs Over the Reich

P51 Mustangs of 336th Fighter Squadron, 4th Fighter Group over Austria, 1945.

Price: 1895


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