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Listed below is a selection of original oil paintings by Stephen Brown. If you are interested in a particular painting but want time to think about it then you can give us a call and reserve it for up to a week without any obligation. You may also find our Lay Away scheme helpful. Click on the thumbnails for a larger image and more information.

Pathfinders Inbound


Pathfinders Inbound

Lancaster stragglers from 83 Pathfinder Squadron returning over Norfolk.
Signed by 4 Lancaster crew.
Price: 1995  SOLD


Winter on the Front Line by Stephen Brown


Winter on the Front Line

Typhoons of 609 Sqn, 2nd TAF at a temporary airfield in Northern Europe, December 1944.

Price: SOLD


Spitfires Safely Home by Stephen Brown


Spitfires Safely Home

Flt. Lt. Geoffrey Wellum and his fellow fighter pilots are bringing their Spitfires safely home after the final sortie of the day.

Price: SOLD


Safe and Sound by Stephen Brown


Safe and Sound

As dawn breaks over the Norfolk Broads a damaged Lancaster is given moral support by a Spitfire of 118 Squadron.
Price: 1995  SOLD


Touch and Go by Stephen Brown


Touch and Go

Lancaster stragglers of 83 Squadron over the North Sea in the summer of 1943.

Price: 1995  SOLD


Spitfire Dawn by Stephen Brown


Spitfire Dawn

Spitfire Mk Vbs of 222 Squadron at North Weald in the winter of 1941.

Signed by 3 Spitfire pilots.
Price: SOLD


Dambuster Dawn by Stephen Brown


Dambuster Dawn

The Lancaster of Bill Townsend heads at full throttle towards the coast.

Signed by a Dambuster.
Price: 1995 SOLD


Mosquito Coast by Stephen Brown


Mosquito Coast

Mosquito B. Mk. IVs of 139 Squadron over the coast of Norfolk.

Price: 1995  SOLD


Return of the Few by Stephen Brown


Return of the Few

The legendary Douglas Bader leads his famous Tangmere Wing back to base, 1941.
Signed by 4 Spitfire pilots.
Price: 1950 SOLD


Early Morning Light by Stephen Brown


Early Morning Light

P-51D of Major Donald Strait, Officer Commanding 361st FS, 356th FG at Martlesham Heath, 1945.

Price: 1995 SOLD


Atlantic Crossing by Stephen Brown


Atlantic Crossing

Concorde G-BOAC en route to New York.

Price: 1995 SOLD


Heading for Home by Stephen Brown


Heading for Home

Spitfires of the Tangmere Wing heading back to base during the summer of 1941.

Price: 1950 SOLD

Cloud Companions by Stephen Brown


Cloud Companions

Unique British Airways photo shoot with 4 Concordes, 24 December 1985

Price: 1795 SOLD


Concorde - Pride of Bristol by Stephen Brown


Concorde - Pride of Bristol

Concorde G-BOAF at Filton on the occasion of the last ever flight.

Price: SOLD


Concorde - The Supersonic Thoroughbred


Concorde - The Supersonic Thoroughbred

Concorde G-BOAD setting the speed record for a transatlantic crossing, 7 Feb 1996.

Signed by the First Officer on this flight.

Price: 1295 SOLD


Concorde - The Golden Years by Stephen Brown


Concorde - The Golden Years

Concorde over new York.

Signed by 3 Concorde crew.

Price: 1995 SOLD


The Jubilee Flight by Stephen Brown


The Jubilee Flight

Concorde and the Red Arrows in formation on the occasion of the Queen’s Jubilee, 4 June 2002.

Signed by the Concorde pilot and the Red Arrows Team Leader.

Price: 1995 SOLD


Flying Tigers by Stephen Brown


Flying Tigers

P-40s of the First Pursuit Squadron AVG

Signed by AVG Ace Richard ‘Dick’ Rossi.

Price: 495 SOLD


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