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Pathfinders Inbound

Pathfinders Inbound by Stephen Brown

Lancaster stragglers from 83 Pathfinder Squadron returning from a mission that has taken them deep into enemy territory. A combination of flak and Luftwaffe night fighters has taken its toll and many aircraft are damaged, low on fuel and carrying wounded crew members. Some may not make it to their base at RAF Wyton but those that do could well be back in the air before the sun sets.

Original Oil Painting

Canvas size: 38 x 12 inches
Framed size: 42 x 18 inches

1995 Framed

The canvas is signed on the back in permanent ink by:

Flt. Lt. Russell (Rusty) Waughman DFC, AFC
(Distinguished wartime service on Lancasters of No 101 Special Duties Squadron)

Wt. Officer Rupert Noye DFC
(72 Ops as Rear Gunner on Wellingtons then Lancasters of 166 Squadron)

Flt. Lt. Don Briggs DFC
(62 Ops as Flight Engineer on Lancasters of 156 Pathfinder Squadron. After the war he qualified as a pilot and flew all three types of V-Bomber operationally including the famous Vulcan XH558. He flew the mission that dropped the third and last Atom Bomb on Christmas Island)

Flt. Lt. Ted Stocker DSO DFC
(A massive 108 ops as Flight Engineer on Lancasters of 35 Pathfinder Squadron)

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