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Sentinel of the Seas

Sentinel of the Seas by Stephen Brown

A Short Sunderland flying boat sweeps low over the snow clad hills of Scotland’s west Coast. Below the tranquility of the small hamlet of Kingairloch is shattered briefly by the sound of the aircraft’s four powerful Pegasus engines.

The Short Sunderland was one of the most powerful and widely used flying boats during WWII. They were used primarily against the ever present U-Boat threat. Operating from bases on Britain’s west coast, including Oban in Scotland, Sunderland patrols provided a measure of protection to the vital North Atlantic convoys. Sunderlands were also used to great effect in the Mediterranean, West Africa and the Far East. A testament to the aircrafts design is the fact that it remained in active service until 1959.

Original Oil Painting

Canvas on board with Certificate of Authenticity, framed and ready to hang.

Canvas size: 18 x 10 inches
Framed size: 23 x 15 inches


Example of the Standard Frame

Example of the frame style used on a painting of similar size.

Please Note: It is very difficult to represent these paintings accurately with the sort of low resolution image files that are needed for web publication, on top of the fact that how they appear will vary depending on individual monitor settings - much of the subtlety and detail of the artist’s work may be lost and colours may not look quite the same. We are sure you will be delighted when your receive your painting but if for any reason you are not please be assured we provide a ‘no quibble’ money back guarantee that includes your return postage.

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