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Target Tirpitz

Target Tirpitz by Stephen Brown

An original pencil drawing depicting Avro Lancasters of 9 and 617 Squadrons on the successful Tirpitz bombing mission of 12 November 1944.

Having taken a circuitous route at low level they were able to approach the Tirpitz in Tromso Fjord from the east and gain an element of surprise. The specially modified Lancasters had enlarged bomb bays in order to carry the powerful 12,000lb ‘Tallboy’ bomb; the mid-upper gun turrets were removed to save weight. The Tirpitz had been damaged by an earlier RAF raid but on this occasion a direct hit caused her to capsize and sink.

Large sized original drawing that is supplied in a standard double mount.

Signed by the artist.

Image size: 18” X 7”
Overall size including mount: 23” X 13”


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