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Touch and Go

Touch and Go by Stephen Brown

Lancaster stragglers from 83 Squadron returning over the North Sea in the summer of 1943. Their mission has taken them deep into enemy territory; having to run a gauntlet of night fighters and flak in both directions. Many are damaged, low on fuel and carrying wounded crew members; some will not make it to their base at RAF Wyton and will put down instead at the nearest possible airfield, probably Woodbridge or Coltishall.

50 Limited Edition - signed by the artist only
10 Artist Proofs - SOLD OUT

All prints are signed and numbered by the artist.

The Artist Proofs are also countersigned by the following distinguished aircrew:
Flt. Lt. Bob Large DFC
Spitfire pilot with Douglas Bader’s squadron before undertaking secret SOE Lysander missions delivering and collecting agents at night in occupied France.
Flt. Lft. Geoffrey Wellum DFC
Noted Battle of Britain Spitfire pilot and best selling author.
Wing Commander Bob Foster DFC AE
Flew Hurricanes with 605 Sqn during the Battle of Britain and later transferred to 54 Sqn flying Spitfires.
Squadron Leader George ‘Johnny’ Johnson DFM
617 Squadron Dambuster.
Warrent Officer Rupert Noye DFC
Wellingtons then Lancasters of 166 Squadron.
Flight Lieutenant Don Briggs DFC
Lancasters of 156 Pathfinder Sqn, after the war flew V-Bombers including the famous Vulcan XH558.
Flight Lieutenant Ted Stocker DSO DFC
108 ops as Flight Engineer on Lancasters of 35 Pathfinder Squadron.
Wing Commander Peter Ayherst DFC
Distinguished Spitfire Ace, flew from start to finish throughout the war.
Flight Lieutenant Russell (Rusty) Waughman DFC, AFC
No 101 Special Duties Squadron.
Squadron Leader L S ‘Benny’ Goodman
617 Squadron Lancaster pilot, Tirpitz raid.

Overall print size: 37” X 17”

Please note: a small canvas print edition is planned for a later date.

Limited Edition


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