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Winter Patrol

Winter Patrol by Stephen Brown

After another long day of combat sorties the Spitfires of 92 Squadron head back to base during the severe winter of 1941. They can take just a moment to admire a world of white caught by the late afternoon sun. Below them life goes on as best it can with heavy falls of snow just adding to the challenges facing the people of Britain.

Original Oil Painting

Canvas size: 38 x 12 inches
Framed size: 42 x 18 inches

2250 Framed

The canvas is signed on the back in permanent ink by the following distinguished Spitfire pilots:

Geoffrey Wellum DFC
Paddy Barthrop DFC & AFC
Pete Brothers DSO, DFC*, CBE
Neville Duke DSO, DFC**, AFC, OBE
Bob Large DFC


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