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Young Guns - Summer of 1940

Young Guns - Summer of 1940 by Stephen Brown

The unmistakable sound of Merlin engines shatters the peace as Spitfires sweep low and fast across the fields of Southern England. The aircraft from 92 Squadron race back to base where they will refuel, rearm and climb back into the fray. In the field below an Me109 and its pilot await their capture, their war is over.
The Battle of Britain was the most intense aerial battle in history and 92 Squadron was at the forefront throughout the two and a half months that the future of the country hung in the balance.

50 Limited Edition
15 Artist Proofs

All prints are signed and numbered by the artist.

Overall print size: 35” X 17” (89 x 43 cm)
Image size: 28” x 9” (71 x 23 cm)


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